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a jQuery ThemeRoller plugin

What is $.colorRoller?

$.colorRoller is a jQuery plugin that extracts ThemeRoller colors and make them available for individual use. jQuery ThemeRoller bundles colors with other css styles, which makes it difficult to style page elements with a single color contained in a ThemeRoller theme. This plugin exposes individual colors by extracting them from ThemeRoller-generated css.

What can I do with $.colorRoller?

$.colorRoller can be used to style page elements with individual colors contained in your ThemeRoller theme.

Demo: $.colorRoller in action

Check out our demo page to see $.colorRoller in action.

Browser Support

$.colorRoller 'RC' is stable in the most latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Does $.colorRoller support multiple themes?

Yes! Provided with a theme name and the css scope, $.colorRoller can be called for any number of additional themes on a page

Can individual colors be called after page load?

Yes! A colorRoller DOM object is created for every theme loaded. read more in the documentation section

What are common gotchas in using this plugin?

The latest version of this plugin only support un-minified versions of jQuery UI themes, included individually in the page head.

Requirements (for RC release)

  • jQuery Core

    $.colorRoller was written using jQuery core ver. 3.x
    Further releases of this plugin will be tested and optimized for older versions of jQuery Core.

  • jQuery UI

    As the plugin is in RC stage, it's been tested with jQurey 3.x and jQuery UI ver. 1.12.1
    Upcoming developments will be tested with older versions of jQuery UI.

  • jQuery UI theme (un-minified)

    $.colorRoller requires at least one un-minified ThemeRoller theme to be linked in the page <head> tag.

New Features
[ ver. 0.1.1 | 2017-02-21 ]

  • jQuery 3.x support

    This version has been updated to work with the latest version of jQuery (3.x)

  • External source support [php required]

    Specify a jQuery theme that's hosted on a different server or domain. fetchCSS documentation

Upcoming Features

  • Support for script minification

    Currently this plugin requires a seperate un-minified theme to work. In future we'll add support for minified versions of jQuery UI themes.

  • CSS generator

    Load an external jQuery theme to extract colors and generate css that you can use on your site.

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